Applied interpretation of the Bible

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Applied interpretation of the BibleApplied interpretation of the BibleApplied interpretation of the BibleApplied interpretation of the BibleApplied interpretation of the Bible

What distinguishes the applied interpretation of the Bible

Have you ever opened your Bible and asked:

* What is meant by this biblical passage?

* How can they be applied to my life?

* Why do some of the paragraphs seem to not apply to our life today?

* What is our relationship today to these ancient civilizations and societies?

* Although I love God, why can't I understand everything that he says to me through his word?

* What is going on in this biblical life and how do they behave like this?

Many Christians They do not read the Bible regularly. Why? Because they are amidst the pressures of daily life, they cannot discover what links the sublime spiritual principles they read in the Holy Word with the pressing problems they face in daily life.

• Contents:

o The exact text of the Bible Fig.

o Written text headings

o Notes for Applied Interpretation

o Cross-written evidence

o Advances of travel.

o Various indexes.

o Event-related maps.

o Illustrations and graphs.

o Written Character Studies.

Program features:

- Ability to search the Bible without using the Internet.

- You can shade the text in four different colors according to your need.

- Enjoy the audio book of life and the possibility Upload it to your mobile device.

- You can add your personal notes Comments

- You can add your bookmarks

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