Life stories of the prophets

By Biblica

Life stories of the prophetsLife stories of the prophets

These stories help you get to know the main characters in the Old Testament and allow you the opportunity to learn from her life and her relationships with God.

Program Features:

- Contains 14 different stories from the Old Testament stories

- You can download and save the stories

- The program contains some text of the stories

The stories available in the program:

1- The Prophet’s life Ibrahim

2- The Life of the Prophet Daniel

3- The Life of the Prophet David

4- The Life of the Prophet Elijah

5- The Life of the Prophet Ayoub < / p>

6- The life of the Prophet Jonah

7- The life of the Prophet Joseph in the Egyptian colloquial

8- The life of the Prophet Joseph in the Sudanese accent

9- The life of the Prophet Youssef in poetry

10- The life of the Prophet Moses in the Egyptian colloquial

11- The life of the Prophet in the Sudanese dialect

12- The life of Ruth Moabiah

13- The Life of the Prophet Samuel

14- The Life of Solomon the Wise

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