Jingdong-love together, now

By 京东

Jingdong-love together, nowJingdong-love together, nowJingdong-love together, nowJingdong-love together, nowJingdong-love together, now

-----Pick good things, visit Jingdong-----

1. Newcomer gift: Newcomer exclusive 188 yuan gift package

2. Jingdong spike: genuine Limited time and seconds, discounts are non-stop

3. Exclusive privileges: Enjoy exclusive mobile phone prices for a variety of products every day

4. Authentic licensed: 100% authentic licensed, nationwide warranty

5. Lightning arrival: 211 limited time delivery, next day delivery, extreme speed delivery, night delivery

-----meeting various shopping needs-----

JD.com APP is a mobile shopping software with functions such as product search/browse, comment review, product purchase, online payment/cash on delivery, order inquiry, logistics tracking, billing/evaluation, repair and return, etc. You create a simple and happy life experience.

1. Best-selling promotions: handheld spike, mobile phone exclusive, price reduction ranking, coupons, limited time limit, etc., many discounts

2. Life: JD supermarket, JD Daojia, center , Movies, hotel tickets, etc., everything

3. Featured channels: global purchases, JD crowdfunding, JD auctions, Baitiao mall, second-hand clearance, etc., infinitely exciting

4. Wonderful discovery :Show you the stories of wearing, smart, beauty, digital and other boutique recommendations and fashion buyers

-----There is always a way to contact me-- ---

If you like me, please give me a perfect score. For you, we will make persistent efforts!

If you don’t like me, please give us feedback in time. For you, we will work hard to improve!

If you have any comments or suggestions, you can contact us in the following ways:

WeChat: Jingdong (jdsc)

Weibo: @京东

Jingdong Client: Mine—Service/Feedback

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