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Zhang Yue NovelZhang Yue NovelZhang Yue Novel

■ Sweet and warm, everything you want

■ Abuse, rebirth, and counterattack, experience a variety of life in the novel, and feel happy and envious!

■ Domineering, evil, paranoid, there is always one for you

■ Read novels, find fellow friends, cute CP, read, can also be fun

■ The story connects the world, the brain hole expands the boundary, this is your portal to the fantasy world

※ TOP10 ※Popular Good Book※

■ Super popular novel comics:


"The President is On", "Finger Dyeing Marriage", "Sister-in-Law", "One Night Sin", "The First Rich Wedding of the Giants"

"The God of the Holy Spirit" , "Sansheng Sanshi Shili Peach Blossoms", "A Thousand Thousand-Priced Ex-Wife", "Pure Love Girl Hot"

"Song of the Sea and the Sea", "Master of Weapons", "Breakthrough the Sky", "Douro Continent" 》、《九真九阳》、

Why choose the novel of Palm Yuet?

■ Powerful, simple but not simple

Unique layout: comparable to paper Book layout

Screen rotation: freely switch between horizontal and vertical screens, whatever you want

Format support: EPUB/TXT/MOBI/UMD, maximum format support

More languages: The latest 12 languages are only for your ultimate experience

Simplified and traditional switching: from simplified to traditional, there is only one button away

automatic chapter breaking: intelligent analysis TXT documents and sort out the chapter directory

Blu-ray eye protection: eye protection function filters blue light on the screen for comfortable reading

Animation page turning: 4 page turning ways to ensure your personalized reading

Automatic reading: Automatic reading liberates your hands

Automatic synchronization: Automatic synchronization of reading progress, cloud notes

Beautiful interface: simple interface, convenient operation, whole process No ads

Book management: manage your books like dragging the desktop icon

Wireless book transfer: you can wirelessly transfer books with a local area network, no data cable is needed

■ Enjoy millions of books

■ Intimate service

All questions are answered in detail, and reading should be comfortable.

■ Online e-books are abundant, and it is our unremitting pursuit to insist on genuineness

Network original novels:

Presidents, giants, military marriages, romance, pure love, Marriage, white-collar workers

traversing, killer, house fighting, harem, farming, strong female, fairy tale

fairy tale, fairy, magic, fantasy, online games, fantasy, martial arts


slash, youth, campus, city, Wang Bing, sports, history

military, gaming, sci-fi, horror, terror, colleagues, Feng shui

popular author:

Tianqian potatoes, I eat tomatoes, cats are tired, Tang family three young, Yue Guan

Jiang Xiaoya, Feng Nong, the world sang, the three uncles of the southern school, angel Oscar

Tang VII. Chen Dong, Fresh Guoguo, Ming Xiaoxi, Yuren II, Xiao Ding

Tailfish, Jiu Yuexi, Yijun Junhua, Bandit I think of, Gu Man, Ding Mo


25-size famous station navigation such as Jinjiang, Zongjing, Hema, and Chengbang!

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