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Sina news client is produced by Sina official, get the world news information, domestic and foreign news, wonderful sports events report, financial and financial trends, film and television entertainment events, and exclusive Weibo "Wei" news, wonderful You see, there are many news, constellations and jokes.

* News:

Update the massive information content every day, the fastest and most complete headlines. Be informed of current events at home and abroad, reports on sports events, financial and financial trends, film and television entertainment events, social, military, scientific and technological news.

* Subscribe:

Customize channel content and order, customize your own news.

* Gesture:

Smooth gesture operation, swipe left and right to switch pages, and enjoy smart and convenient services.

* Live broadcast:

Chinese Super League, AFC Champions League, UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, World Cup exciting football matches accompany you to spend the day and night, as well as exclusive NBA exciting games and special guest commentary The reports are rich in form and follow the latest game situation in real time.

* High-definition pictures:

Xiangche beauty, news hot spots, entertainment gossip, one-click sharing of high-definition pictures, hundreds of updates every day, every day there are surprises!

* Password-free login:

Mobile phone verification code to log in with one click, no longer need to worry about forgetting your password.

* Bind Weibo:

One-click binding Weibo account to share news anytime and anywhere.

* Share:

WeChat, QQ space, etc. share at will, current events, major events, interesting one step in advance.

* Receive push:

Quality content and major events, get real-time information as soon as possible.

* Favorite:

Favorite content of interest and read it later.

* Night mode:

Read at night, refuse to dazzle, comfortable experience.

* Comment:

Publish personal opinions or complaints about news events, reply to comments and interact with other users.

* Offline reading:

Download news content offline, and know about the world while you go to work.

* Weather:

Forecast weather conditions for the next 5 days.

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Sina News Client QQ Group: 213085440

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Here you can vomit, share, comment at any time ... There are also beautiful gifts waiting for you ~~~

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