Spring Water Novel

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Spring Water NovelSpring Water Novel

Simple design style, classic and non-fatigue novels, dedicated thematic books are added, and the novels are free to download, everything is for the users!

I. Feature Description:

1. Covers the city, fantasy, romance, fairy tale, martial arts, martial arts, crossing, rebirth, palace fighting, giants, president, petite, house fighting, The list of novels such as Spirituality, Campus, Youth, City, Farming, Underworld, Military Marriage, History, Military, Science Fiction, Online Game Novels, Masterpieces, etc.

2. Built-in book library, support deleting old books and downloading new books.

3. Full-screen reading, bookmark collection, intelligent memory last reading position, day / night / eye-care mode and other intimate designs that best match the reading habits of book readers.

Second, product features:

1. Book shortage, difficult to find books? —— 【Editor's pick and write good article, best-selling ranking real-time reading】

2. Slow internet speed and low traffic? —— [Download novels to read offline, reduce waiting for saving data]

3. Words too small, tired of turning pages? —— [Intelligent typesetting is easy to adjust, automatic scrolling is easier]

4. Where did you read and where did you go? —— [Bookmark progress is saved at any time, reading and chasing articles are more clear]

5. During travel, before going to bed? —— [Horizontal and vertical screens are your choice, the night mode does not hurt your eyes]

Three, product features:

1. New user benefits: a large number of new user benefits are coming The book collects money again, and it's not too fast to grab it;

2. Reading can make money: the length of reading changes to a voucher, the longer you read, the more you receive;

3. Personalization Recommend: Recommend good books every day, Chunshui novels better understand your taste;

4. Book list: Ten years of classic, well-written books, the list tells you the hottest books at the moment;

5. Fine book layout: E-book with pictures and texts, a different reading experience

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