Taobao Special Edition

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Taobao Special EditionTaobao Special Edition

Taobao special edition is produced by Taobao official, it is a special shopping app that can save money, make money, small size and fast speed.

Here you have selected super high cost-effective products, which are directly supplied by the factory at cost price, and the evaluation of open quality is guaranteed.

We also provide a wealth of interactive gameplay, red envelopes are received every day, and purchases are immediately reduced by more!

[Plenty of channels to choose good goods and super high cost performance guarantee]

1, 9.9 free shipping, limited time spike, select hundreds of good goods every day, unexpected price, and capricious package mail!

2. Special sale clearance, big brand anti-season discount; first-hand source direct sales, factory shipment cost price.

3. Supermarket sale, value-for-money building, daily necessities hoard goods, buy once for half a year.

[Every day interactive red envelopes receive a large number of welfare benefits]

1. Newcomers can receive red envelopes up to 88 yuan when registering, and newcomers can get 0 yuan free of charge, double return shopping and more reward.

2. Sign in and play mini-games every day, there will be rich red envelopes, phone bills, and coupon rewards, and you will get soft every day!

3. Exclusive phone bills and data recharge coupons, recharging saves money! Red envelopes can be deducted from the purchase amount when placing an order, allowing you to save even more!

[New shopping experience, unchanged service quality]

Lightweight app installation package, running more smoothly and more detailed experience.

Professional selection and service, not only guarantee the quality of goods, but also strictly control the quality of service for you.

Senior Taobao sellers answer your questions, deliver lightning, and respond quickly to after-sale requests.

Originated from Alibaba ’s official technology, securely register and pay with confidence, you can also ask someone to pay for the order and easily receive the package at home!

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