Fliggy-hotel ticket train ticket booking

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Fliggy-hotel ticket train ticket bookingFliggy-hotel ticket train ticket bookingFliggy-hotel ticket train ticket bookingFliggy-hotel ticket train ticket booking

Flying Pigs--Enjoy the big difference!

Flying Pig is a travel brand of Alibaba Group, providing air tickets, hotels, train tickets, bus tickets, attraction tickets, car use, weekend tours, group tours, free travel, self-driving tours, cruises, tourism Choose your vacation product! A selection of strategies, travel insurance, designed to provide you with preferential, convenient and cost-effective travel services.

[wonderful event]

1. Tickets for popular attractions of "Summer Promotion" start from 1 yuan, and another 1999 yuan flying pig red envelopes and 1,000 yuan ticket red envelopes are free to receive;


2. "Newcomer Gift Pack" download the Flying Pig App for the first time, and enjoy a 180 Yuan Flying Pig Travel Gift Pack;

3. "Special Airline Tickets" up to 20% off on every welfare day every Thursday, 1 Yuan Flying World;

4 50% discount for "Special Hotel" five-star hotel;

5. "Flying Pig Membership Day" members can be directly equivalent to become five-star hotels at home and abroad, domestic Silver, gold, and platinum cards of major hotel groups, and enjoy all the rights and interests of members of this level;

6. "Flying Pig Deals" high-cost travel products on the whole network, waiting for you every day;

[Featured Services]

1. "Good Places Around", "The First Stop in the World", share travel experience and take you to discover more exciting;

2. Enjoy the "reliable flight" service of advanced payment, the airline's standard refund and change signing service;

3. Exclusively enjoy the "credit stay" hotel, no deposit, no room inspection, no queue; < / p>

4. Check the world's popular "destination" guides, travel guides, itineraries, scenes at any time , Food, shopping full grasp;

5 "collar mileage" when money, better goods against the stop.

Main products and services:


-has the full service of flagship stores and quality agents of major airlines;

-Airfare price is transparent, service is guaranteed, and refunds and changes are made in accordance with airline standards;

-Online check-in for mobile phone check-in, low-cost timely reminder and real-time query of flight status.


-Photos of massive hotel room types and reviews from real guests;

-Cashback support, the first single "Credit Stay" enjoys great rewards Red envelope discount.

[Train ticket]

-Extreme speed cloud ticket grabbing, support appointment ticket grabbing, real-time leak picking, VIP ticket grabbing;

-support real-time query and boarding Ticket replacement, online refund and change sign;

-Tickets are diverse, supporting adult tickets, student tickets, child tickets;

[car ticket]

-zero procedures Fast ticket purchase, covering the whole country departure at any time, online refund is guaranteed.


-Ticket protection, admission protection: the seller ca n’t enter the park normally at the order price due to the seller ’s reason, the seller refunds and pays 30% of the transaction amount.

-The price does not need to go around: nearly 2000 merchants are at your disposal; thousands of scenic spots are directly connected, and the discount is reduced to the end;

-Enjoy free reservation with Sesame Credit, first After playing, pay for the new experience of "Future Scenic Spot";


-"Good Places Around", give you suggestions for weekend play, wonderful weekends, all under control;

-"Quality Follow-up Tour" provides you with quality follow-up tours to popular destinations at home and abroad, so you can rest assured to see the world!


-The world ’s top destinations guide, travel guides, itineraries, attractions, food, shopping, all in the destination channel.


-Find travel inspiration, discover new travel methods, and help you find travel products worth buying;

-See travel notes, check Jin Bag, make friends, check everyone's travel experience in the "square", and participate in travel topic discussions.


-Route planning is easy to get, and itinerary arrangement need not worry;

-Uniform management of tickets for Jiujiu train tickets, providing online check-in and refund Various services such as change and taxi.


-Miles can be taken at will: place an order to return miles, sign in to receive miles, and participate in activities to earn miles;

-miles should be used as money : Red envelopes, mobile phone traffic, cash, good value in seconds, more exciting just for you.

Customer service phone: 400-1688-688

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