Millennium Ae M

By 9SplayDeveloper

Millennium Ae MMillennium Ae MMillennium Ae MMillennium Ae MMillennium Ae M

▶ Experience a brilliant and beautiful battle!

- Experience easy and fast martial arts MMORPG with simple operation and fast growth.

- Feel cool martial arts action with gorgeous skills and convenient combat system.

- Join the guild and enjoy various guild contents with members.

▶ Your own brilliant journey begins!

- Upgrade your personality with a variety of costumes and weapons.

▶ Brilliant ties, stronger with a fateful lover!

- Increase your combat power and get a limited costume through the marriage system.

- Join a special event with your loved ones.

▶ Brilliant legacy Make it!

- Try to purchase items through the free trading system through the auction house.

- Besides the auction house, you can conduct a variety of business through an open-air system.

Beautiful martial arts Welcome to the Millennium Jiae M.

The Millennium Jiae M official cafe:

Customer Center: [email protected]

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