Alchemy: Forge of Gods

By Pipkin Games

Alchemy: Forge of GodsAlchemy: Forge of GodsAlchemy: Forge of Gods

Create new elements from six primary elements: air, earth, fire, water, darkness and light. Use all open elements to create even more elements!

Use logic and imagination, some reactions are really tricky. Be ready for surprises.

Discover new collection cards! Can you find them all?

Enjoy this trip, act like a demiurge and


Key features:

- Great graphics with interesting images.

- Relaxing music for your entertainment.

- Interactive hints - in case if you stuck.

- More than 170 elements for you to discover - it’s just a start, we will add more later.

- Collections - collect cards of 35 countries.

Planned features:

- More elements so you can enjoy this game longer.

- New collections - how about famous persons or mythical creatures? Propose your ideas in reviews!

- Competitions with friends

- New features, challenges and gameplay mechanics - let’s leave this as a surprise

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