Big Ear - Play with Music!

By Big Ear Games

Big Ear - Play with Music!Big Ear - Play with Music!Big Ear - Play with Music!Big Ear - Play with Music!Big Ear - Play with Music!

Build songs and learn how music works.

Enjoy music puzzles as tutorials.

Explore melody, chords rhythm.

Piano, Guitar, Synth, Bass and Drums onboard.

* The official music learning app of Lang Lang International Music Foundation.

* Powered by Native Instruments.

Who is it for?

- music fans and learners

- piano, guitar, ukulele, bass, drum players

- song writers

- music teachers

- music schools

How does it work?

1) Build a popular song in music puzzles.

2) Play the song in an interactive performance mode.

3) Remix the song in the composer tool (sequencer).

Or in reverse:

1) Compose your original song in the composer tool.

2) Play the song in an interactive performance mode.

3) Yes, the game will create automatically puzzles set to build the song!!!

4) Publish your songs, get likes and challenge others building them.

Join Solo, the wannabe musician, to demystify the mystery of how music works.


- Solve music puzzles and build popular songs.

- Collect instruments to play with.

- Perform with the musicians characters the songs on stage.

- Compose own tunes and create puzzles set from them.

- Share your music and/or game play.

GAME CHARACTERS (musicians):

- Sticky - Drums

- Bossy - Bass

- Finga - Piano, Keys

- Kitaro - Guitar

- Okto - Marimba... and....

- Solo - Wannabe


- Rhythms

- Bass lines

- Melodies

- Harmonies

- Songs


- Pop

- Rock

- Classical

- Universal

- Electronica


New: Complete a song pack, and the song appears in the composer.

- Easy and creative sequencer.

- Tap note blocks in and out.

- Drag note blocks around.

- Controls: note length (1/4, 1/8, 1/16), tempo, play/pause/stop, loop, .

- Settings: song length, song scale, song meter.

- Save song in library.

- Create your own unique MUSICAL MESSAGE or RINGTONE.


- Your original tunes as audio file (in the composer).

- Publish your songs to allow others to listen to, like and build your songs.


We would love to hear your feedback!

Please contact us at [email protected]

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