Christian Hymn Book

By Chamath Silva

Christian Hymn BookChristian Hymn BookChristian Hymn BookChristian Hymn BookChristian Hymn Book

Christian Hymn Book is an English hymn lyrics application developed for Christians specially for who are born again, and believes in only One Living God. You can quickly search and view lyrics easily. Also you can zoom in, zoom out the text and even share it with your friends. This app is absolutely free with no ads or annoying things.

Basic Features:

✓ Search the song title from over 300 songs.

✓ Search songs through entire song text.

✓ Play MIDI music of some songs and also can share the MIDI audio.

✓ Zoom in, Zoom out the text with pinch zoom or using buttons.

✓ Add lyrics to your favorites list.

✓ Share the lyrics with your friends via email or social media apps.

✓ Black theme layout with white text for easy reading and battery saving.

✓ Changeable Dark and Light Themes.

✓ Keep screen awake when reading lyrics (On / Off).

✓ Ability to hide or show song numbers.

✓ Application is used offline (No data connection needed to run the app.)

✓ Ability to install/move the app to SD card.

Please send your feedback with corrections, suggestions, and new addings to improve this app.

Glory And Praises Be To The Only One Living God!

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