DeFit - Debugger of Fitness Apps

By DeFit Development

DeFit - Debugger of Fitness AppsDeFit - Debugger of Fitness AppsDeFit - Debugger of Fitness Apps

No more shaking your phone! DeFit can automatically add running activity to fitness service.

Do you feel annoying on adding activities when developing apps? DeFit can automatically add activity records to the fitness database to make your life easier. You may also specify the running speed and/or steps of the activity. You don't have to hire a runner to test your app or shake testing phones anymore.

How to use DeFit?

1. Login your fitness account

2. Turn on the switch "Sync fitness data"

3. User can check the status of the latest sync and remaining time

What's New?

- 0.7.7 Remove the feature of pausing 30 minutes at midnight. It was designed to prevent a crash on Google Fit, but the bug is fixed

- 0.7.6 Without watching ADs, users can add active time after running out

- 0.7.5 Users not seeing ADs can add active time

Feature: Speed

- User can specify the speed of activities from 4 km/h to 10.5 km/h

- User can specify from 116 steps to 190 steps per minute

Feature: Behavior

- Human activities have slightly variations every minutes

- Stable activities have the same steps count and distance every minutes


- DeFit is a third-party app using Google Fit API and it's database. DeFit is not affiliated with the Google company.

- DeFit does not collect, store any user data including name, photo or email address on the server side.

- User take full responsibilities using DeFit when the user does not use DeFit on the software development purpose.

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