Fake GPS : Fake Location prank

By CT App Maker

Fake GPS : Fake Location prankFake GPS : Fake Location prank

️ Fake GPS : Fake Location app can make your friends think you're on a dream vacation in Rome, when in fact you’re at home! A fast, funny way to trick your friends by simply faking (changing) your phone’s GPS.

️ Fake GPS : Fake Location app make sure you disable high accuracy location positioning/mobile locations under Android Location Settings and leave "GPS ONLY" or called "Device only" on some devices!

️ FakeGPs app is free prank location app which shows different unbelievable location using GPS location. Locations can be tricky thing to find where you are when you aren’t even there!! Different JoyStick locations enabled false locations to show travel points. Enjoy fake travelling with fake GPS.

️ Fake GPS : Fake Location app A different (fake) GPS location is all it takes to achieve more dates, by breaking the geo restriction on your dating apps. One tiny change, and you’ll find new friends on any location-based social network.

️ Fake GPS : Fake Location app allows you to test location based apps by mocking your location via an overlay joystick control!

️ Fake GPS : Fake Location app will overwrite your current location and any apps that you want to test will think you're in New York, London or any other place in the world!

️ Fake GPS : Fake Location app this app has options which makes it simple and fun to change your location instantly.

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