Fantasy Dungeon RPG

By Roguelike

Fantasy Dungeon RPGFantasy Dungeon RPGFantasy Dungeon RPGFantasy Dungeon RPGFantasy Dungeon RPG

in this rpg save the village by entering an ancient cave full of creatures and loot. In Ogre Dungeon Crawler you will create 3 warriors on a quest of exploration, mapping, and looting. Golems are strong, Slimes can eat their foes, fairies use magic while ogres use strange magic spells. Death is not permanent like traditional roguelike but have a heavy penalty All warriors are made equals and well balanced. It is said that at the bottom of the cave lives the Ogre King that can grant one single wish. Based on the great game mordor deep of dejenol.



° Dungeon Crawler exploration game with hundreds of creatures and loot

° Choose your warriors between Ogres, Slimes, Golems, Samurai, Fairies

° Free world fantasy roguelike with no limit, become as strong as you can

° Actively upgraded, each update brings more content

° Hardcore old school dungeon jrpg


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