Freshmart - From Farm to Table

By Bell Technology

Freshmart is a solution for MSMEs engaged in Food and Baverages. Our solution is to directly connect producers / producers of agriculture, plantations, fisheries, marine, processed, etc. that are "fresh".

We strive to be a solution for actors business to provide the best price and quality for our users. With SLA (Service Level Aggrement) that we hold steadily namely shipping under 1 hour after full payment, we will always try to chase our customers. For this reason, we are here to provide a common vision and mission of MSMEs, to provide the best for its customers.

Our vision is how will the "end user", be it an individual or business entity, will directly buy from the producers directly, so the price is very competitive compared to having to go through a third party. Thus, the income obtained by producers is higher so they are able to develop their businesses both by purchasing superior seeds, facilities and infrastructure that are driven by machines, and harvesting yields.

Our mission is connecting buyers such as individuals, food business, sales business, and also restaurants and hotels. We have opened connections to delivery / transport companies to take part in the delivery of "fresh" materials from producers to users.

We will continue to work to improve the quality of Indonesian producers, both it is farmers, planters, fishermen, producers of basic materials, food processors by bringing them directly to buyers directly through digital media, without the need for a third person to determine an improper price. Until later, the producers will be more prosperous and produce excellent quality food production.

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