By Lawl


Rules and information on our Official Discord:

Lawl is a Massive Multiplayer Online RPG, created for the people who loves this game style.

Even since Lawl is a modern and advanced game, it also have a unique and classic graphic.

We are at a initial test phase, looking for possible bugs and

improving the gameplay. The game is going to change a lot, as we still in development. Every feedback is precious and we are looking forward for your opinion. Tell us what you think, report your experience, so we can make Lawl better. We are always reading emails, so you can send your suggestions, bug reports and feedback to [email protected] .

About the current features present on Lawl:

- Explorer a ever growing world

- Join your friends in a hunt

- Fight might creatures

- Test your power fighting Bosses

- Make a group to challenging quests

- Chat with your friends and other players

- Trade goods with NPCs

- Sell and buy best items to players use online or offline market systems

- Fight other players - (be careful)

- Create and join guilds with unique badge

- If you are feeling lucky, increase your wealth by finding loots

- Use the power of magic to help in your adventure

- Use distinct class, depending on your mood

- Customize your character, with outfits and addons

- Train your skills and become stronger

- Focus on the fun and the adventure - No ads or annoying things

This is just the beginning, we are currently working on new updates, several new features are to come. You can be a part of this!

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