Mafatih ul Jinan Urdu Mafatih al-Jannan Urdu

By Zawar Reza Hussain Alhussaini

Mafatih ul Jinan Urdu Mafatih al-Jannan UrduMafatih ul Jinan Urdu Mafatih al-Jannan UrduMafatih ul Jinan Urdu Mafatih al-Jannan UrduMafatih ul Jinan Urdu Mafatih al-Jannan UrduMafatih ul Jinan Urdu Mafatih al-Jannan Urdu

Welcome to Mufatih Al-Jannan Urdu Mobile App

Mufatih Al-Jannan Urdu App is developed by Al-Mujtaba Foundation. The author of Mufatih Al-Jannan is Allama Sheikh Abbas Qami. We have taken Urdu translation of selected Quranic Surahs in this app from Sheikh Mohsin Ali Najafi's Urdu translation of Balagh-ul-Quran. While the Urdu translation of the remaining chapters has been taken from Al-Hasnain website. However, it should not be hidden that the pilgrimage was not present in the area of Mufatih. We have mentioned it here for the benefit of the believers, the Urdu translation of which has been taken from the Ahlul Bayt portal Holy Quran website.

The developer of this app is: Zawar Raza Hussain Al-Husseini While scholarly supervision has been done by Maulana Ghulam Qasim Tasnimi.

. Mufatih al-Jannan can access the complete list of Mufatih al-Jannan. Mufatih al-Jannan is divided into six titles: Selected Qur'anic Surahs, Du'aa's, Deeds, Pilgrimages, Attachments and Remains of Righteousness. You can access their sub-headings by clicking on the topic of your choice. And then access the relevant content by clicking on the subtitle.

. Selected: Famous and well-known prayers can be accessed quickly.

. Favorites List: Get quick access to your favorite titles. To add any title to your favorites list, click on the star icon next to the titles or click on the star icon in the box at the top of the page while reading. After which it will turn golden. This indicates that the title has been added to your favorites list. Similarly, the way to remove a title from this list is to click on the star again, which will make that star colorless.

. Search: Click on this icon to search for any word or title in Mufatih Al-Jannan and then type your keyword or title. If the word or title is found in the search results, a list of them will appear, after which you can read by clicking on any of them.

1. Feedback: If you have a suggestion that could improve this app, you can give us a feedback by clicking on the Feedback icon. Even if there is no suggestion, you can write prayers for our encouragement.

1. Share app. You can share this app with anyone on any social media network. However, to share the internal content, hold down this sentence for a while, after which the social media list will appear, then you can share it on any network of your choice.

Urdu Translation: In the box at the top of the page, you can specify whether or not to show the translation by clicking on the AS and Urdu symbols.

Font size: Click on the _ and sign in the box at the top of the page to make the Arabic and Urdu text smaller or larger according to your desired size.

Book Barks: When reading any title, if you If you would like to take advantage of the bookmarks feature, click on the red icon at the bottom of the page so that you can easily find the title to continue reading. You can easily access the same title by clicking on the same icon again. However, keep in mind that a page with the same title will open from the beginning, not from where you were.

Automatic text movement: By clicking on this box in the box at the top of the page, you can automatically move the text and specify the duration of the text movement by moving the scroll down. Can do that which is 3 seconds.

Day Night Mode: Clicking on this icon in the box at the top of the page can specify the day or night mode for day or night reading without damaging your eyes.

Mafatih al-Jinan

Mafati Aljinan

Keys to Heavens

دعا فرج

دعا اھد


دعا ندبه

دعا سلامتی امام زمان

دعا کمیل

دعا توسل

دعا عرفه


Dua Majir

Dua Adileh

Dua Noor

Dua Sari Al-Ajaba

Dua Inauguration

Dua Sahar

Dua Imam Zaman

Manajat Shaabaniyeh

Dua Makarem Akhlaq

Dua Abu Hamza Thamali

> Dua Khatam Quran

Dua Joshan Kabir

Dua Joshan Saghir


Ziarat Ashura


Visiting the Greater University

Visiting the Small Society

Arbaeen Visiting

Visiting Waris

Visiting Rajabia

Mafatih ul Janan

Mafatih ul Janan

Mafatih ul Janan


Mafatih ul ja nan

مفاتيح الجنان فارسي

مفاتيح الجنان عربي

تحميل مفاتيح الجنان

Mafatih ul Jinan Urdu Mafatih al-Jannan Urdu Tags
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