Magicsing : Smart Karaoke for everyone


Magicsing : Smart Karaoke for everyoneMagicsing : Smart Karaoke for everyoneMagicsing : Smart Karaoke for everyoneMagicsing : Smart Karaoke for everyone

Introducing the MagicSing app!

Sing, shout, and dance to all of your favorite songs by accessing

over 200,000 songs from all over the world!

The MagicSing app is presented by EnterMedia Co., Ltd., the world’s number one karaoke manufacturer!

We are proud to introduce a mobile karaoke app based on MIDI technology.

MagicSing highlights the various elements of music and singing by allowing users to alter the tone, tempo, and melody so that the song can be tailored to each unique singer!

It provides a voice search function and a wide-range of musical genres from gospel music to the latest pop songs.

By using the streaming method, the latest songs are automatically updated so that it’s ready to play anytime and anywhere.

The MagicSing app is also compatible with EnterMedia’s latest streaming-based MagicSing karaoke machines, which work together to create a more lively karaoke experience. Refer to the MagicSing karaoke manual to connect the app and the karaoke machine!


* Provides an extensive music library of more than 200,000 songs in a variety of languages

* Supports key changes, tone, tempo, and melody

* Instrumental accompaniment with volume and control to match the users’ taste

* The latest songs are automatically updated

* MagicSing can be used together with EnterMedia’s MagicSing karaoke machines

* MIDI-based music, rather than recordings. This service only uses a small amount of data; about 20 ~ 30 KB per song, so that you can get fast streaming and immediate music for fewer data.


* Contact "[email protected]” for song requests or any other inquiries.

* Official facebook page:

Thank you for using MagicSing!

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