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N1-Headache is a unique analytical tool for people with migraine.

Use N1-Headache if you want to answer this question: How do my personal lifestyle factors and medications affect my migraine?

N1-Headache is the only app that doesn't ask you to guess which factors are associated with your migraine. It is designed to help people with frequent migraine attacks scientifically discover and act on their individual pattern of everyday things that are associated with increasing, decreasing or having no effect on their risk of attacks.


* Daily diary

Easy-to-track your dietary, emotional, and environmental factors. Daily tracking enables our proprietary analytical system engine to identify factors that may lead to healthy days vs. migraine days for each individual.

* Digital report

A visual summary of your headaches and migraine attacks, their severity and the impact on your life. Compare these over time to determine how changes in your treatment, lifestyle, environment, mood or activity may affect your migraine.

* Personal Analytical Report / Share with your medical care team

Summarizes all your information and shows all of your tracking data including: Monthly Summary, Headache Calendar, Menstruation Diary (if applicable), Headache-related Disability in a PDF document that can be stored or shared with your healthcare provider.

Our app is regularly reviewed with headache specialists and used in clinical studies.


* Individual Maps

Discover factors that are associated with increased or decreased risk of migraine attack, or are not associated with your attacks at all.

- Individual Protector Map

- Individual Trigger Map

- Individual No Association Map

* Personalize your diary even more

Make your daily diary match your needs by enabling or disabling predefined factors. Customize your personalized tracking list; even add your own customized factors to the extensive existing list developed with neurologists and headache specialists.

* Medication Overuse Risk

Medication overuse can make your headaches worse. The app lets you use a sophisticated database to track and analyze your medication. If you registered with a N1-Headache code given to you by your healthcare provider, N1-Headache will process your acute medication use and alert you and your clinician if you are too close or over established standards of medication overuse. This feature is intended for adult users only.

* Directly link your account with your healthcare provider using an N1-Headache Code.

We're always working to make N1-Headache better, and we're counting on your feedback!

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