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Package Inc.Package Inc.Package Inc.Package Inc.Package Inc.

Package Inc. is an inspiring delivery simulator, created by the same developers of Traffix and Railways.

The entire game is available without ads and features lovely milestones that can appeal to those who care most about style. Who wouldn’t like to have the Eiffel Tower in their city?

Package Inc. is a beautiful game about designing a delivery system for a growing city. Build a connection between different hubs and feed multiple destinations, like factories, police stations, cafes, libraries, boutiques, saloons, hotels, pizzerias, pet shops or schools.

As new hubs are active and there is an increase on demand, you can redesign buildings’ position to keep your delivery process as smooth and efficient as possible. Speed and storage capacity are also essential to keep the delivery network running without inconveniences. How long can you keep the orders moving?


• Gracefully minimalist and beautiful visual design;

• Learn management stuff in a never-ending fun way;

• Original soundtrack and immersive experience (headphones are a must!);

• Multiple goals to achieve in real-world cities;

• Several upgrades (some hidden) to improve your network;

• Variety of moods: from extremely relaxing to super thrilling;

• Expand from a small town to a big city.

Package Inc. has an evocative visual design and shares the same minimalist features of Infinity Games previous titles. The game starts in a very relaxing pace but rapidly turns into a thrilling experience. Every game is unique, because the growth is random in each city. Your success is highly dependent on the quality and speed of your decisions.


• Deliver as many packages as you can;

• Operate for many days;

• Add multiple destinations;

• Speed up delivery times;

• Increase storage capacity.

Infinity Games aims to provide the best game experience within its titles. We love showcasing new minimalist puzzle games and making people think while relaxing.

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