Pango KABOOM ! cube stacking and destroying

By Studio Pango

Pango KABOOM ! cube stacking and destroyingPango KABOOM ! cube stacking and destroyingPango KABOOM ! cube stacking and destroyingPango KABOOM ! cube stacking and destroyingPango KABOOM ! cube stacking and destroying

With Pango Kaboom, place and stack colored cubes to build incredible structures.

A fortified castle, a tall skyscraper, a gigantic aqueduct or a brick house, anything is possible: just let your imagination run wild!

• Create new blocks by putting together two cubes of the same color.

• Set off incredible explosions and fireworks with explosive blocks.

• Perform magnificent chain reactions to destroy everything: "KABOOM"!

• And to have even more fun, use the character cubes of Pango and his friends: they are full of emotions that you can share!

Pango Kaboom is a simple and really fun game that develops creativity and imagination.

The game introduces physics and the laws of balance to its players in an intuitive fashion. It also develops fine motor skills and helps players recognize shapes and colors.

It's a perfect game for the little ones.

With PANGO, let your IMAGINATION run wild!

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- BUILD great structures

- STACK and ASSEMBLE cubes to create new blocks

- DESTROY your buildings in magnificent explosions

- Have FUN with the characters

- More than 100 levels that are ready to be discovered

- Develops fine motor skills and imagination.

- a game that is perfectly ADAPTED to small children

- No stress, no time limit, no competition

- Internal parental control

- No third-party advertising or in-game purchases

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