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RAL iColoursRAL iColoursRAL iColours

The house exterior in lemon yellow or sun yellow? A bedroom in strawberry red? RAL iCOLOURS shows how things could look. With this app for Android, you can now recolour the objects in your photos with any RAL colour – quickly and easily.

In only three steps, anything can be recoloured with RAL iCOLOURS:

1.Take a photo with your Android device.

2.Select one of 2,328 RAL colours.

3.Recolour the object in the photo.

RAL iCOLOURS is as useful as it is inspiring. Painters, architects, graphic designers and Web designers can now make it easier for their customers to make colour decisions. With the RAL Colours app, you can quickly give them a picture of your colour concept. You can present colour designs to your customers on site and display alternatives directly. And you can save your colour selection by project name and send photos of recoloured objects via email.

The app’s colour palette includes the RAL CLASSIC and RAL EFFECT colour collections and all of the colours in the RAL DESIGN System – all 2,328 RAL colours. The corresponding L*a*b*, sRGB, CMYK and LRV values are listed for each color.

For better understanding of the functions and use of the App, please watch the demo on the video first.

Link to video: https://www.ral-farben.de/iphone-app-icolours.html?L=1

The colour values enable the user to make a visual choice of RAL colours. Only the primary standards of RAL CLASSIC, RAL DESIGN and RAL EFFECT shall be used for the preparation and control of RAL colours.

RAL is a registered trade mark of RAL gGmbH. The presentation of the RAL colours is based on a licence granted by RAL gGmbH. Please visit www.ral-colours.de for further information.

Due to technical limitations, colors seen in this App may not accurately reflect paint colors. To confirm your color choices refer to your color cards.

Due to technical limitations, colors seen in this App may not accurately reflect paint colors. To confirm your color choices refer to your color cards.

© 2012, RAL gGmbH

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