Summoners Era: Idle War of Heroes - AFK and Chill

By Fansipan Limited

Summoners Era: Idle War of Heroes - AFK and ChillSummoners Era: Idle War of Heroes - AFK and ChillSummoners Era: Idle War of Heroes - AFK and ChillSummoners Era: Idle War of Heroes - AFK and ChillSummoners Era: Idle War of Heroes - AFK and Chill

From an apprentice to the one who can save the world - join millions of Summoners around the world and begin your own journey as the Messenger of Goddess, leading the world to its peace.



Leave your heroes AFK training (auto mode) on their own arena while you’re not around.

They will be more powerful when you come back.

You can also get lots of goods for your team reaching the top.


* 6 factions with different combinations. Choose to build your team wisely.

* 5 different classes: Warrior, Ranger, Priest; Mage; Assasin. Ready to serve!

* More than 150 heroes and specific skills each. There are countless strategies for you to try. The only limit is your imagination.

* Train and AFK your squad to become more powerful, outfit your warriors with magical gears, and lead them to victory!


From Dungeons to Towers, AFK from Arena to Raid, there will be tons of amazing features that are waiting for you to enjoy exploring!


Team up with your friends and players around the globe to conquer and defeat other guilds. Guild war is waiting for you!

Takedown guild bosses and dungeons for enormous rewards.


Show the world your best AFK squad by defeating all other players in the Arena.

Time for some serious AFK strategy calculation to reach the top!

There is only one King in this game! The decision is yours!

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Email: [email protected]



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