Tap Tempo Pro - BPM counter

By K R Labs

Tap Tempo Pro - BPM counterTap Tempo Pro - BPM counterTap Tempo Pro - BPM counterTap Tempo Pro - BPM counter

Accurately measure the Beats Per Minute for any songs by tapping along with the song

Includes complete metronome and also stylish visual metronome

- Provides accurate measure by taking an Average BPM

- Results displayed in elegant live graph

- Innovative visual metronome of the measured BPM

- Save a list of Names and bpm values

- Sort the saved list by name or bpm scores

App now includes a complete metronome and ability to save different beat profile for each data saved.

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NOTE: If you have trouble updating the app, that could be due to an error in the google play app. Please see this page for troubleshooting options. https://bit.ly/2JDpfXi. If nothing seem to work, kindly uninstall and reinstall the app. You will have the latest version NEW: Tap T...