Worship and Praise Lyrics

By Eznetsoft/SamJocelyn

Worship and Praise LyricsWorship and Praise LyricsWorship and Praise LyricsWorship and Praise LyricsWorship and Praise Lyrics

Worship and Praise Lyrics is brought to you by Eznetsoft SJ. It is a dedication to our Lord and Savior Jesus-Christ. This software is brought to the Christian community to help them Worship using the standard hymns.

All the Great Songs for your daily Worship. Over 4,700 Hymns Lyrics and counting.

Book included in this release:

Contemporary and Traditional Songs (English)

Chants D'Esperance (Francais/Creole); Melodie Joyeuse (Francais/Creole)

Reveillons-Nous (Francais/Creole)

La Voix du Reveille

Haiti Chante Avec Radio Lumiere

Echo Des Elus

At EZnetSoft SJ, we are so happy to bring this wonderful App to you. This is our hope that this will facilitate your worship to the Lord. We have tried our best to bring most of all the public domain traditional songs to you. The songs are in French, English, and Creole divided in Books.

We hope that you will enjoy this version and any future versions to come.

Features Worth mentioning:

-Offline access to hundreds of the Traditional and popular Songs (English, French and Creole)

Now with full support for Music scores, or music sheets. You can view the music sheets/scores for many of the songs. A welcome addition for musicians or choir directors.

-Add to Favorites: you have the ability to select individual songs you like and add them to your Favorites List.

-Sort the Song List of a particular book alphabetically or by numbers.

-Email of Song Lyric to yourself. You can take advantage of our growing database to email Lyrics to yourself right from our App.

We appreciate your feedback.

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