Full Area 2

By deletescape

Full Area 2

Lawnchair 2 introduces powerful new features—from Drawer Categories to integration with Android Recents and contextual data in At a Glance.

Key Features

— Support for Adaptive Icons.

— Flexible Desktop, Dock, and Drawer.

— Drawer Categories (Tabs Folders).

— Integration with Android Recents.¹

— Automatic Dark Mode.

— Contextual data in At a Glance.

— Notification Dots.

— Integration with Google Feed and Homefeeder.²

Get Support

— twitter.com/lawnchairapp.

— t.me/lccommunity.

— reddit.com/r/lawnchairlauncher.

1. Requires QuickSwitch (t.me/QuickstepSwitcherReleases). Works on Android 9.

2. Requires Lawnfeed (lawnchair.app/lawnfeed) and Homefeeder (t.me/homefeeder) respectively.

Note: this release doesn’t officially support Android 10.

Lawnchair 2 uses the Device Administrator permission to lock the screen when a selected gesture is detected. This is optional and disabled by default.

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