By Squeezer for Android Open Source Project


Remote control for your Logitech Media Server ("Squeezeserver" etc) and players.

Features include:

• Browse the library by album artist, all artists, composers, album, genre, year, playlist, favorites, or new music

• Playlist control (now playing, shuffle, repeat, save/clear/modify playlists)

• Manage players, and groups of players

• Full library search

• Internet radio support (browse, staff picks, search)

• Browse Squeezeserver music folders

• Supports Plugins/Apps

• Library Views and Remote Music Libraries

• Automatic discovery of local servers

• Support for password protected servers

• Connect to mysqueezebox.com

• Control playback from your Android Wear device

• Alarm Clock management

• Add/remove music from favorites

• Display lyrics

Squeezer is free, and open source.

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