Zipwallet - Earn, Exchange or Send Money Online

By Zipwallet International

Zipwallet - Earn, Exchange or Send Money OnlineZipwallet - Earn, Exchange or Send Money OnlineZipwallet - Earn, Exchange or Send Money OnlineZipwallet - Earn, Exchange or Send Money OnlineZipwallet - Earn, Exchange or Send Money Online

How it works

lets say you want to transfer funds from Bank Transfer to Bitcoin

click swap money,

search Bank Transfer as money from

select exchange with :search bitcoin

view a list of bank transfer to bitcoin vendors

compare based on reviews past swaps and swap limits

start trade ..the funds of the seller will be sent to escrow waiting for Youto pay with Bank Transfer

start chat and payment instructions will be provided by the seller

send your bank transfer to their bank and they will send you bitcoin to your wallet address

transfer funds to their Bank account including their commission fee

After which mark paid

They will verify and if everything is okay they release funds

Once you get your bitcoin and they got your funds

Review Each Other for safety and security of the platform

if you feel you are not satisfied raise a dispute and we will follow through

Ensuring both parties are earning

the first of its Kind

How to Earn

1. Become a vendor

Become a vendor and earn from exchange

post that you swapping from one payment gateway to another and set your fees

Get paid with your payment method and release funds after payment.

We currently Support over 100 Payment methods

2.refer and earn

refer people to signup and you get bonuses on their first swaps

click refer and earn button you will get your referral code

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