SingIt (DingaStar) - Sing it loud!


SingIt (DingaStar) - Sing it loud!SingIt (DingaStar) - Sing it loud!SingIt (DingaStar) - Sing it loud!SingIt (DingaStar) - Sing it loud!

Let's sing the KPOP on SingIt!

[SingIt is full of joy on K-POP!]

* The latest releases are immediately updated.

* Self-recording with various filters and stickers.

* Sing a duet with friend.

* Social services that communicate with global users.

* Coins are paid every day when you launch the app.

* Challenge to sing and earn coins.

* And many events!

[Sing, recording, edit and share! Also save on my phone~!]

1. Sing Recording

- You can set the vocal style to the theme you want to sing.

- Self-recording and decorating features such as camera filters, stickers, and cover photo settings.

- You can sing in various ways such as recording audio/video, solo/duet or front/back camera use.

2. Social Music Service

- [Share] It is easy to share with other SNS such as Facebook, Twitter.

- [Follow] Follow the users and artists you're interested in to get updates.

- [Talk] Talk to your favorite artist's fans all over the world!

- [Social] Listen to other users' songs and leave hearts and comments.

3. SingIt participating

- [Events] SingIt's various events such as Challenges, Today's mission song and Auditions are available

- [Duets] Participate in duet mode on SingIt, share invite friends.

[VIP Membership Introduction and Benefits]

1. VIP Membership Benefits

- You can sing SingIt's special songs and latest songs without limited.

- You can use SingIt service comfortably without advertising.

- You can send a message to your favorite Singers on SingIt.

- You can sing in high-quality accompaniment.

- You can save the recording file to your phone.

2. VIP Membership Guide

- Regular subscriptions can be selected monthly or yearly.

- If you want to experience first, you can enjoy a short 7-day pass.

- Once your purchase is confirmed, billing will be charged to your App Store account.

- If you do not want to be automatically renewed, you must cancel at least 24 hours before renewing your subscription.

* Inquiries : [email protected]

* Privacy Policy :

* Terms of Service:

Sing it loud! Enjoy K-Pop!

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