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Breath training has been under-prioritized in sports for too long, though scientific studies continuously prove its multiple benefits. Airofit has developed the first-ever breathing trainer that connects respiratory training with state-of-the-art app technology. Once the app is paired with the Airofit breathing trainer, you will need to take a lung test to measure your respiratory strength. After taking the lung test, you will have the option to choose one of the many programs to train your breathing. The programs will be customized according to your preference and physical condition. As a result, you can practice your breathing and keep track of your progress to see your improvements.

The Airofit app is packed with loads of features, including:

* INFORMATIVE LUNG TESTS: Measure your vital lung capacity and your maximal respiratory pressures.

* TARGETED TRAINING PROGRAMS: Improve your physical performance by training towards specific goals.

* CHALLENGING EXERCISES: Follow visual and audio instructions of how to breathe when you train.

* ENGAGING ACTIVITY TRACKING: Track your progress and review your records for all the trainings and tests.

* EASY PERSONAL CUSTOMIZATION: Set up reminders and personalize your profile to create the most out of your trainings.

You can target you breathing training towards one of several goals, including:

* RESPIRATORY STRENGTH: Enhance your respiratory power by training the strength of your lung muscles.

* ANAEROBIC TOLERANCE: Increase your body's resistance towards lactate by increasing your ability to hold your breath.

* VITAL LUNG CAPACITY: Increase your vital lung capacity by improving the flexibility of your lung muscles.

* INSTANT PERFORMANCE: Boost your blood circulation and mental focus by breathing properly, just before important performances.

* RELAXATION: Strengthen your state of mind and reduce stress levels by following meditative breathing patterns. Airofit is proven to improve your physical performance by up to 8% within just 8 weeks, training only 5-10 minutes twice a day. So, are you ready to join the top performing athletes who breathe better and strive to beat yesterday?

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